Voluntary Association of Agriculture, General Development, Health and Reconstruction Alliance (VAAGDHARA)


Vaagdhara visualizes a socially just, technologically improved and democratic society, free from ignorance, hunger, fear and exploitation where poor and marginalized have equal opportunity and rightful share of resources, information and development process.


To catalyze and facilitate development processes in a “rights framework” by investing in both organizing local communities and engaging with governance apparatus and creating synergy between traditional knowledge and technological advancement for securing long term well being of people in tribal south (Rajasthan).

Although Vaagdhara looks at itself primarily as a grassroots development agency, it also engages itself in the processes taking place at state and national levels, as it believes that in this era the local developments issues can not be addressed in isolation of meso and macro level processes.


The major objectives of the organisation as enshrined in its MoA are:

  • To address issues relating to equitable natural resource management and livelihoods, with a focus on hunger and food sovereignty, access to water and forest produce
  • Organizing and supporting activities towards promotion of bio-diversity, ecology and environmental protection and conservation
  • Action research and undertaking pilots on specific issues which could be lead to knowledge and skill building on the issues including education, health and gender
  • To promote networking and policy advocacy around the issues which have a wide ramification, and as such require interventions at meso and macro levels.
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