United Voice

United Voice is an organisation of over 120,000 Australian workers, united by our belief in the dignity of workers and the right to fair and just treatment at work. We are an active union, and we are passionate about organising to win.

We are people of diverse races, genders and ages, from every State and Territory, but we are one union. We have different languages, sexual orientations and physical abilities, but we have the same goal – to be agents of positive social change, to continuously fight for the type of society we believe in. Many of us work on a casual or part-time basis, 60% of us are women, and half of us are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We derive great strength from this diversity.

When you are a member of United Voice, you stand together with thousands of workers in your industry who all believe that a fairer, better society is possible.



What we do




United Voice is a smart and ambitious union that acts on the values of fairness, compassion and equity. Members are the heart and soul of United Voice, and inspire the union’s action. We are active in the workplace, the community and in politics, in order to achieve positive change and build the type of society we believe in. 

In the workplace, United Voice gives members the skills and courage to successfully organise and run campaigns that create quality jobs. Through union delegates,United Voice helps to negotiate better collective agreements and awards, and provides industrial advice to United Voice members.

As well as organising in thousands of workplaces around the country, United Voice is running several exciting national campaigns to improve the lives of workers and reform entire industries; better jobs better hotels, Clean Start: Fair Deal for Cleaners; and BIG STEPS in childcare.

United Voice is affiliated to the Australian Labour Party. Our relationship with the ALP ensures that the concerns of our members are heard and acted upon. United Voice members regularly meet with ministers and politicians to discuss the critical but often undervalued work that we do.

In a rapidly globalising world there is an opportunity and a necessity to build a stronger global union movement. United Voice maintains strong ties with SEIU in the North America and SFWU in New Zealand. We run joint campaigns – such as Clean Start – with these unions in order to win improvements for workers here and overseas.  

We also work with faith groups, social justice organisations and other stakeholders in our communities to build a world based on fair access to and distribution of the benefits of society.

Contact Information: 
303 Cleveland St
2016 Redfern NSW