Tuvalu Non-Profit Organisation (TANGO)

As a community-based organization, TANGO's principal concern is encouraging and assisting NGOs in their work to enable human development within Tuvalu. TANGO encourages this to be undertaken in a sustainable manner, ensuring the long-term survival of its own organization and any projects in which it assists. TANGO seeks to ensure transparency and accountability for the activities for TANGO and other members of the civil society and offers leadership to NGOs by example and guidance.

Our Mission

TANGO is a non-profit member organisation that aims to help and support healthy and sustainable development of NGOs in Tuvalu through the provision of training, services and information and through encouraging collaboration and communication between NGOs, government and international agencies.

Our Vision

Our vision for TANGO is of an efficient and effective organisation working for the betterment of the NGO's to deliver activities to promote human development and raise awareness of human, social and economic issues facing the people of Tuvalu. TANGO strives for cooperative effort amongst its members and a collaborative relationship with government.

Contact Information: 
PO Box 136 Funafuti