Tuvalu National Youth Council


To foster the spiritual, mental, physical and social, development of the young people of Tuvalu.


Build an enabling environment that will guarantee the fulfillment of the TNYC Vision.

Aims and Objectives:

Youth and Spiritual Development - Strengthening faith-based programs that nurture the spiritual development of young people.

Youth and Culture - Establish practical programs that cultivate stronger appreciation of traditional values and national pride.

Youth and Education - Establish practical programs that provide opportunities for young people to successfully gain appropriate technical and vocational life skills.

Youth and the Law - Promote initiatives that develop self-respect, respect for authority and the elders, and respect for others.

Youth and Health - promote initiatives that encourage young people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Youth and Economic Empowerment - Establish innovative programs that engage young people in income generation initiatives.

Youth and the Environment - Train young people to practice sustainable use of natural resources.

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