SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network

About SEED:

Seed is Australia’s first Indigenous Youth Climate Network. We are building a movement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people working to make climate justice real for our people.

We do this by running campaigns that work to protect country, while also building the capacity of our young people to be a part of creating positive change.

In Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are at the forefront of the causes and impacts of climate change, and as young people it’s our generation with the most at stake. Right now climate change is disproportionately affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We are experiencing rising sea levels in the Torres Strait, the destruction of sacred country, diminishing food and water accessibility.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity and core to this crisis is the loss of country, cultures and livelihoods of Indigenous peoples in Australia and across the world. By building solutions that work towards justice for all people, the climate crisis presents an opportunity to create a more sustainable future.

Seed is a branch of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC). We are a national network led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, with a small team of staff, volunteer state coordinators and volunteers in every state and territory.

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