SEARCH Foundation (Social Education and Research Concerning Humanity)


The SEARCH Foundation seeks to contribute to efforts to develop a new collective and strategic set of values and ideas and a new collective political practice for a 21st Century alternative to capitalism. The SEARCH Foundation bases this vision on the best of the socialist tradition and the struggles for workers’ rights and human rights, the lessons of the modern women’s liberation movements, the historic anti-racist struggles of our times, and the profound insights of the movements for ecological sustainability. This collective and strategic politics would oppose corporate globalisation with global social responsibility for peace and justice.


The objects for which  the Foundation is established are to:

(a) promote greater understanding in the community of the main factors affecting social life, influencing social development and advancing social well-being;

(b) oppose the domination of Australia’s economy by national and international corporations;

(c) without limiting the generality of the objects of the Foundation, carry out research and educational activity in respect of:
-theories of the functioning of society
-the role of science and technology in social development
-the role of art in social life
-the relationship between humanity and the environment
- social justice, equality and democracy as factors affecting social development
the part played by the above and by social and democratic movements in the development of Australian society.

(d) establish and fund facilities for carrying out research into any of the above objects of the Foundation;

(e) publish newspapers, magazines, books and research reports, and utilise all forms of media for the purpose of increasing community awareness in respect of the objects of the Foundation;

(f) assist the activity of other persons, organisations and publications which, in the opinion of the Committee, will contribute to increasing community awareness in respect of the Foundation’s objects.

We summarise all this by saying we promote democracy, social justice and environmental sustainability. Since 2008, the Foundation has advocated for a project for a 21st Century democratic ecological socialism.

Contact Information: 
Level 3, Suite 3B, 110 Kippax St
2010 Surry Hills