Renewable Energy Institute of Thailand Foundation


         The Renewable Energy Institute of  Thailand Foundation has objectives to support and publicize good knowledge and understanding of conversion agricultural product into biofuel, and also, to take a role in promotion of policy on biofuel and other sources of renewable energy usage, as well as to carry through the research and development renewable energy and biofuel.

Main objectives

  • To promote and publicize the knowledge and understanding of converting of agricultural product into biofuel
  • To promote and organize academic activities to develop the knowledge base and technology on energy development
  • To promote and take a role in putting forward the development of ethanol and biodiesel policy
  • To collborate with other charitable foundations and organisations for the benefit of public communities
  •  None of the foundation activities are involved with Politics

To provide knowledge and current trend of  the renewable energy situation, to all regions in the societies  

Contact Information: 
15 Moo 6 Soi Borommaratchachonani 39 Borommaratchachonani Rd. Talingchan
10170 Bangkok