RAC-RO - Reţelei de Acţiune pentru Climă România / CAN Romania

The environmental education program “Save the climate!” was launched and funded by the Dutch Christian Foundation “Kerk in Actie”. Since 2003, its Romanian partner has been AIDRom. Between 2003 and 2007 four environmental education projects have been elaborates, approved and implemented, all focused on climate change and in partnership with Romanian nongovernmental organizations. 

In early 2006, the financer, “Kerk in Actie”, recommended the partner NGOs that they form an officially registered network. The reason was that a formal network would be more powerful with regards to the capacity to develop programs and resources (particularly the human resources). Also, it has been proved over the years that the ten partners work together efficiently, completing one another. Therefore, at the end of 2006, the first General Assembly took place, reuniting the ten partner organizations, during which the network was practically set up and the official registration procedure started. The new network’s name is “Climate Action Network – Romania” (RAC-RO). RAC-RO’s registration was completed in April 2008.  


Contact Information: 
7 Armand Calinescu St., floor 5, ap. 20
021011 Bucharest