One Degree Serbia

One Degree Serbia is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organisation, established with goal to work in the field of environmental protection, especially climate change ​​mitigation and adaptation.

The objectives of our organisation are:

  • active participation of the Republic of Serbia in global activities to mitigate climate change that threats the quality of life for present and future generations and the survival of civilization and ecosystems;
  • transformation of energy- and resource-inefficient and environmentally irresponsible economy in the low-carbon economy that will provide a healthy environment, sustainable development, welfare and equality for all citizens of the Republic of Serbia;
  • implementation of measures for adaptation to irreversible climate change at the national level and the establishment of resilient communities that can survive in the changing climatic and natural conditions;
  • equal rights of future generations of people with people who currently live on the planet; and
  • equal rights of ecosystems to survive with the rights of the people.
Contact Information: 
Milke i Toše Rusa 4
11253 Sremčica