Nature Conservation Council of NSW


About Us

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCC) is a non-profit, non-government organisation representing more than 100 community environment groups across NSW.

NCC is the state’s peak environment organisation and has a strong reputation for leading effective action and influencing the direction of environment protection in NSW.

For more than 55 years we’ve successfully responded to the critical threats to our environment through our statewide network of members, staff and volunteers.

We’re working to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature. We strive to achieve an ecologically sustainable society through advocacy, education, research and community empowerment.

What do we do?

NCC is dedicated to protecting and conserving NSW’s wildlife, landscapes and natural resources. We believe biodiversity is at the heart of addressing some of our greatest challenges, from climate change and water shortages to dealing with natural disasters, improving human health and building a sustainable society.

Our vision is that nature is respected, protected and embraced by an ecologically sustainable society.

The goal of NCC is to conserve the environment of NSW. Specifically, NCC aims to conserve and protect:

  • the diversity of living plants and animals in NSW, especially rare and threatened species;
  • NSW’s unique ecosystems, from the western arid lands to the eastern coastline; and
  • the environmental quality of NSW’s land, air, urban environment, waterways and adjacent sea.

To meet these aims, NCC works with its member societies and with the wider community. While NCC responds when threats to the environment emerge, it also strives to head off problems before they arise by promoting positive solutions.

As the peak environment group in NSW, the following organisational values guide the work we do:

  • Respect: we respect the views and opinions of others and consider, fairly and openly, views that might be different to our own.
  • Integrity: we are professional and honest in our working relationships, and transparent and accountable in our decision-making processes.
  • Inspiration: we inspire others to protect and appreciate nature.
  • Collaboration: we value our culture of participation and building strong partnerships to achieve our goals.
  • Leadership: we provide leadership through sound governance and clear and inspiring vision.
Contact Information: 
PO Box 137
NSW 2042 Newtown