Nature Code - Centre of Development and Environment

About Nature Code

Nature Code stands for evidence based advocacy. We champion policy solutions that promote environmental integrity, transparency, good governance and contribute to sustainable development. We support civil society groups around the world to build networks, gain access to information and hold the powerful to account. We build experience exchange and create dialogue with decision makers to find solutions at national, regional and international levels. Hence our mantra: Our planet is not for sale.

Nature Code aims at…
- Contributing to promoting the principle of sustainable development and an environmentally sound economy as key pillars of society, politics and business;
- Conserving biological diversity and protecting and restoring nature and all its components as well as halting the destruction and degradation of nature and the environment;
- Supporting civil society groups in developing countries to protect themselves against the impact of climate change and to adapt to the requirements of a sustainable energy system;
- Opposing activities of society, politics and business that impair the quality of life and the environment; and
- Promoting models and best practice examples for sustainable ways of living and working, both in developed and developing countries.

The Activities of Nature Code are for…
- Publication and dissemination of information
- Capacity building for civil society groups in developing countries
- Awareness raising for sustainable lifestyles
- Establishing contacts to other groups in society

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