Mickey Leland Center for Environment Justice and Sustainability

The Mickey Leland Center for Environment, Justice and Sustainability (MLCEJS) (the Center) at Texas Southern University (TSU) is a university-community center that conducts community research, analyzes policy, and designs innovative program practices and community initiatives. Its goal is to cultivate leadership that addresses environmental and health challenges and is responsive to populations/communities at greatest risk. The Center brings together the expertise of its staff and faculty; the passion of students; and knowledge and needs of the impacted communities.  The intended outcome is to advance education, training, research, and practice of environmental justice, health equity and sustainability. The Center has four major components: (1) Education and Training, (2) Research and Policy Analysis, (3) Community Engagement and Technical Support, and (4) Information Clearinghouse. 

We provide technical assistance and support services on a range of environmental justice, transportation equity, fair/smart growth, and related issues to at least five low-income and people of color groups.  Assistance is provided to community groups that are affected by adverse environmental health conditions by linking them with appropriate institutions, professional associations, planning organizations, legal, media, and other relevant resources.  A major element of the Center includes synthesizing research from multiple disciplines, including environmental scientists, social/behavioral scientists, urban planners, health professionals, and public policy experts to solve today’s environmental problems—with a special emphasis on environmental and sustainability challenges of low-wealth and people of color communities

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