MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network is a non-profitable, non-governmental organization active since 1990, that comprises of 120 'Full Members' who form its annual General Assembly and approximately 3000 'Supporting Members'. MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network is registered in the Index of NGOs of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Policy guidelines and priorities are drawn from the General Assembly that also elects the 7-members' Administrative Board. Currently, President of the Board is Mr Evagellos Koukiasas(see MEDSOS Network Organizational chart) .
At present, MEDITERRANEAN S.O.S. has 9 permanent collaborators/ staff(environmentalists, engineers, social scientists, administrative personnel). A network of external collaborators and scientific partners is being involved in certain projects in part-time or voluntary basis. 


  • Public awareness raising and encouraging changes in citizens' -especially youth- everyday behavior that impact on the environment
  • Advocating, lobbying and promoting cooperation among social partners, stakeholders and policy-makers at local, national, regional level
  • Promoting active public participation in sustainable development strategies and demonstrating alternative solutions in local communities
  • Promoting intercultural exchanges and balanced international cooperation among European - Mediterranean partners


...and methods:

  • information campaigns at the local, national and regional level
  • networks with NGOs and public agencies at local, national, regional and Euro-Med level
  • Environmental education projects in schools(training packages, creative games / competitions)
  • volunteer summer camps, field work, voluntary clean-ups
  • youth groups exchange and training projects
  • Implementation of conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Collaboration with national and local media
  • production of print, audiovisual and multimedia material :

Publication of thematic tri-monthly magazine for members and supporters( aprox. 4000 members)
- Publication of monthly e-newsletter (emailing lists exceed 10.000 receivers)
- Production of TV/radio spots
- Production of informative material (leaflets, brochures, etc)


  • Membership in International networks and organisations

- UNEP/MAP NGO partners
- European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
- Mediterranean Information Office (MIO-ECSDE)
- European Union for Coastal Conservation (EUCC)
- International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)
- Climate Action Network (CAN)
- National Network of Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures
- Euro-Mediterranean Youth Platform

- Water Footprint Network

Contact Information: