MADE - Muslim Action for Development & Environment

  • We live in a increasingly unequal and unjust world where basic human rights such as freedom of speech, access to education and free healthcare are denied to millions across the globe. Far from moving towards equality, global inequality is rising. There is a huge gap between rich and poor. Half of the world’s population - that’s three billion people - live in absolute poverty. Inequality and poverty arise from various causes; from restrictive international trade arrangements or unjust power structures, to war and conflict or natural disasters.  

    MADE in Europe believes that the young Muslims of Europe can and must play a part in the global search for solutions. Whether through raising awareness in your communities, volunteering overseas or in the UK, or choosing a career in international development, we believe that we can empower young Muslims to be at the forefront of the global poverty debate, to challenge global norms and to become leaders of social change. Our response to these challenges will be rooted in the tradition of social action, peace, justice, empowerment, human rights and diversity within Islam. 

  • Mission
    Our mission is to inspire and enable a grassroots Muslim youth movement of faith in action for tackling global poverty and injustice through volunteering, campaigning and education. We also provide capacity building services for Muslim NGOs and support for cross-faith initiatives in international development.
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