Lighter Footprints



Lighter Footprints is a local Climate Action Group which aims to be a leader in stimulating action to ensure a safe climate future, influencing a paradigm shift in the attitudes and opinions of the community and all levels of government.


To do so it will construct links with the community, support the formation of new groups and be active in significant projects that are moving with urgency to prevent a global catastrophe.





Lighter Footprints aims to influence national, state and local decision makers and Australian citizens to take action to halt global warming as a matter of urgency.
Who we are
We are a small but growing group of concerned residents from Boroondara and Whitehorse who came together in 2006 to see what we could do about climate change. 

We aim to reduce our own carbon footprints but also to work for change at local, state and federal levels. 

Our approach: making a difference

We seek to act rather than to debate. We recognise that climate change has been flagged for years and we are impatient for effective action. 

We wish to encourage those who are just beginning to get the message and who wish to change their practices to understand more of the underpinning climate science. 

We value action close to home that we can more easily undertake, control and promote. 

We seek to influence the wider political debate about climate change action. We believe that individual action can make a difference but strong policy action from local, state and federal government can make an even greater difference.

We welcome new members who share our concern and who are keen to make a difference.

We are not aligned to any political party, business or commercial interest.


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