LA Bucket Brigade

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is an environmental health & justice organization supporting communities' use of grassroots action to become informed, sustainable neighborhoods free from industrial pollution. The organization is named for the bucket tool used to take air samples and was founded in 2000 by Director Anne Rolfes. 

We have provided technical support, especially in the areas of air monitoring and media training, to residents of Norco, Chalmette, New Sarpy, Alsen, Mossville, the Holy Cross Neighborhood in New Orleans, and Plaquemine. The primary recipient of our services for the last three years has been the St. Bernard Citizens for Environmental Quality.

We go door to door in communities to document problems use that documentation to facilitate change. To help communities reach their goals we may: introduce a bill in the legislature, arrange a meeting between residents and the facility’s insurers, conduct research to increase the pressure on the facility/corporation, or hold educational sessions in the neighborhood. Our powerful and diverse tools are put in the hands of neighborhood residents so that they can reach their goals.

In response to the BP oil spill disaster, LABB launched the Oil Spill Crisis Map ( to document the impact of the spill on Gulf Coast communities. This map utilizes public testimony to visualize the impact of the BP oil spill over time and geography. By using information that comes from participants we will be able to track, document and make public the effects of the BP oil spill. By making all information public we will facilitate transparency, accountability and effectiveness in the oil spill response and clean up.

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