Institute for Essential Service Reform (IESR)

In IESR, we believe that energy is an essential requirement (essential) for mankind in this modern era.Energy is required to perform a variety of social and economic activities. Energy supports the fulfillment of basic needs such as cooked food (cooked food), a comfortable temperature, lighting, use of household devices, clean and waste water treatment, health care, education, transport and communications. Energy services derived from the extraction and conversion of energy resources found in nature (oil, gas, coal, renewable energy). Access and availability of sufficient energy is an essential prerequisite for the fulfillment of other important needs and ensure human development. The absence or lack of access to energy can inhibit the ability of humans to receive benefits from the opportunities created by economic development, and to improve the quality of life.

Equitable access to energy and berkelanjuan obtained from the extraction, management and utilization of natural resources that respects the carrying capacity of the environment (environmental carrying capacity), consider the ecological and social justice, as well as utilization of renewable resources optimally to reduce the pressure of exploitation of energy resources not renewable. In addition, the active participation of the public on the entire value chain (value chain) extraction of energy resources, and in the determination of public policy (public policy) the provision of energy is an important prerequisite to ensure that the interests and public benefits are not overlooked.

Essential Vision
Growing sovereignty management of energy resources in a fair and sustainable, by providing the highest award of human rights over natural resources, with due respect to social justice (social justice) and justice of gender (gender justice) for the creation of compliance need for sustainable energy, affordable and equitable.

Mission Essential
IESR aims to deconstruct the imbalance management of energy resources for the realization of sustainable energy use, affordable and equitable, through activities: policy advocacy, research, information and capacity development of non-governmental organizations, as well as the development of networks.

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