Inforse Europe

INFORSE- Europe is one of the 7 regions of the International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE), which is a worldwide NGO network formed at the Global Forum in Rio in 1992.

INFORSE has more than 145 member organisations worldwide and works for implementation of sustainable energy solutions by exchange of information, awareness creation, formulation and implementation of strategies, and lobbying of international forums.

INFORSE-Europe has 85 members from 35 countries, which are detailed in our online membership list. Since 2002, INFORSE-Europe has been operating as a seperate economic entity. The Bylaws were adopted in 1994 and revised in 2005.

Read also: INFORSE-Europe brochure: (2 pages, 2015, 580 kB pdf). and INFORSE brochure: (2 pages, 2015, 580 kB pdf)

INFORSE became 15-year old in 2007. INFORSE- Europe celebrated this at the Seminar at the Danish renewable-energy island Samsø. See 15-year Theme in Sustainable Energy News: "Rio 2002-Samsø 2007", "15 years good work for our world". (1,2 MB pdf file).

INFORSE is a meeting place for NGOs working on grassroots level as well as on national, regional and international levels, all united on a common strategy for a long- term sustainable development with phasing out of nuclear and fossil energy use.

The INFORSE network is facilitating practical and political exchange of experiences among NGOs, liaising with concerned multilateral agencies, creating political and public awareness, and seeking support for NGO activities.

INFORSE lobbies to promote sustainable energy solutions - renewable energy and energy efficiency - which utilise decentralised approaches. All activities seek to protect the environment, and to achieve development.

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