IndyAct believes that great changes in this World are transpired by a small number of individuals. Any organization, no matter what it does or how it is structured, is as good as the individuals running it. A lot of the great social and environmental organizations around the World were built on the reputation of a few people who had a dream. These dreamers were independent activists whose only concern was to make a difference in this world. It was never about building huge organizations, gaining power or accumulating riches. Their passion to do good changed the world and their biggest achievement was inspiring generations to come to follow in their footsteps. 

IndyAct believes that what the World needs now, as much as any time before, is the concept of "the right individual" rather than "the right organization." We need "independent activists" that will make positive and effectual change to the World around them by succeeding in their campaigns and inspiring others to do the same. Most, if not all, of the negative or destructive human aspects have been generated by our selfishness and hunger for power and riches, which are the measures to today's success. The impeccable spirit of the "independent activist" will "lead by example", inspiring their community along the way, making the criteria to be a successful individual is how much positive and effectual change you can make.

IndyAct is all about empowering individuals in their respective communities, making positive and effectual changes a way of life and the duty of every human. The "independent activist" believes that activism is a necessary value like any other human value. Just as "you shall not steal", the "independent activist" believes that "you can not be complacent". Activism becomes a core human principle. This is the reason why the "independent activist" has an inexhaustible spirit. If activism was not a core value, then the activist will be prone to loss of motivation due to external factors. On the other hand, if an activist considers activism as a principle within them, then he/she will never be de-motivated by any external factor.

IndyAct defines the "independent activist" as a person that:

1. Takes Action Now
All around us and at all times there are things happening that require action. For the "independent activist," every moment is an opportunity to make a positive difference. He/She is constantly trying to change the World around them, and he/she tries to do it immediately.

2. Is Independent
The "independent activist" serves only one purpose, his ideals, beliefs and principles and is not restricted by the organization he/she serves. He/she does not wish to achieve personal gain, but serves only their campaign and not the other way around.

3. Believes In Non-Violence 
Violence exists in many forms. A person can do an act of violence by the way they look, speak or move. The "independent activist" knows that violence begets violence, and continuously strives to eliminate violence in their lives, communities, actions and environments.

4. Has No Ego
As one pioneering independent environmental activist said "eco before ego". Sometimes ego can blind an activist and make him serve a purpose other than his ideals, thus losing his/her independence. The "independent activist" understands that there exists a higher purpose.

5. is universal 
The "independent activist" has no borders. They understand that all people and places are equal in importance and that we all come from the same place. Their principles apply equally to all humankind and other citizens of our Universe.

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