The idea behind Greennovate was born in 2007 from a simple want: to combine business and social potential to do something meaningful in China. This simple want evolved into a social business that is constantly pushing the barriers, integrating sustainable concepts into traditional business and community practices.

What we do is strongly rooted in who we are. Greennovate is a broad network of sustainability consultants, engineers, marketers,educators and students working for what we’re passionate about. All these connections and resources help us generate ideas for China-specific green functions, products, and other initiatives that can help firms move forward toward a new way of doing business sustainably. We believe that focusing on end-of-pipe solutions is a false way of doing business, and so we aim to create a fundamental shift in the way that businesses think about sustainability: while many businesses consider sustainable practices a liability now, our goal is to demonstrate how they can be a valuable asset to any firm, and how they will be an essential part of the business future for everyone.

Contact Information: 
Room 203 Building 1,No.528, Kangding Road, Jing’an District