Green Network


«Environmental protection, human rights, equitable human development, and peace are interdependent and indivisible»

Earth Charter

Environmental movement for nature, people and sustainable development of the Republic of Belarus

Green Alliance (GA), a national network of NGO’s, initiative groups and experts in the field of environment. Its overall objective is to strengthen public awareness and participation in environmental decision-making at local, national and regional levels.

Green Alliance works on principles of:

  • Sustainable development
  • Earth Charter
  • Cultured politics

Green Alliance has consolidated considerably in 2007. It has provided significant improvement in strengthening the environmental movement in Belarus and building effective network structures (Green Alliance). Within the network, structures have been formed: the Governing Board (which sets strategic directions of the network), Secretariat (responsible for the day to day running of the network), Working Groups (responsible for the coordination of campaigns and ad hoc efforts in specific areas such as climate change, organic agriculture, nature protection and education for sustainable development, energy efficiency, etc.).

GA has been obtaining official recognition by the Belarusian authorities as “society in participation” or “simple fellowship.

Over last five years period cooperation and coordination between environmental CSO’s in Belarus was strengthened. The Forums of Belarusian Environmental NGO’s in 2009 and 2011 and preparation to it was a significant event for the green movement in Belarus. Environmental CSO’s and activists agreed on a number of statements and position papers on the most significant issues of national environmental policy (e.g. climate policy and negotiation, sustainable development, energy efficiency). In 2010 GA became an active member of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) and actively participates in the process of development of the Belarusian National Platform.

This development has led to the evaluation of capacities of the green movement, to build relations between environmental CSO’s and initiatives from different regions, to elaborate consolidated public positions on the most important environmental issues and to start wide constructive dialog on environmental issues between public organisations, state agencies and private sector representatives.

  • GA has become a wide-known public environmental stakeholder both in Belarus and abroad and took part in decision making at national and international levels. At the moment, it has accumulated and analysed a big experience of advocacy of concrete environmental solutions on local and national levels including strategic, processional, functional, infrastructure design and institutional issues, involving of local communities in decision making and collaboration with authorities. This experience is needed among Belarusian regional and local NGOs and initiative groups, which is proved by a number of assessments and evaluation researches.  
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