Green Alternative (Mtsvane Alternativa)

Association Green Alternative was registered in 31 July 2000. As the membership organization Green Alternative includes 19 active members nowadays and eight staff person. The organization was formed from the group of leading campaigners of Friends of the Earth Georgia and accordingly activities carrying out by organization are continuation of previous work.

Mission Statement

The Association Green Alternative mission is to create framework for economically viable and socially desirable alternatives to protect environment; to protect Georgia's unique biological and cultural heritage; and to advocate for social justice and public participation.

It pursues this mission through the public awareness raising campaigns, resistance to environmentally and socially destructive programs and project, promotion of the principles of equity and justice in society and support to local industry and community development. Association tries to increase public participation in decision-making process through the capacity-building of local NGOs and grassroots, help in know how transfer and developing easily replicable visible pilot projects benefiting local peoples.

Contact Information: 
27/29 Paliashvili Street, II floor, 13 flat
0179 Tbilisi