Go Green

Go Green is a citizens association for sustainable development and environmental protection.

Why do we exist? (mission)

We exist to develop and share the values ​​ and the principles of sustainable development and to enable education and practical solutions for environmental protection.

What is our vision for the world? (vision)

World at peace, where people live in harmony with the nature.

What is our vision for 2020?

We are international organisation which inspires young people to develop their leadership potential in the field of environmental protection and sustainable living.

What is the essence of the organization? (values​​)

The essence of the organization represent the values ​​and the Go Green experience which is provided to all members and users of the organization.

Go Green experience consists of 5 phases: introduction to Go Green, taking responsibility, leadership and management, international experience and a long-term connection. The goal is through activation in the organization to gain experience with which one will develop core values ​​that we believe contribute to positive change in society. Cvetko Bidi Zelen (Cvetko Be Green) is the green agent of positive change which possesses all the values​​:


Our behavior is consistent with our values​​. We are able to keep the promises that we set for ourselves and others with which we enhance the confidence and the trust of others towards us.


We are able to realize an idea and to rise above mediocrity. We defend our views, opinions and we act properly under the pressure of injustice and discouragement.


We are able to have a perspective that adds value to the current situation. We have a perceptive and creative mind that sees solutions and challenges, rather than problems.

Emotional intelligence

We are able to develop positive relationships with different people and characters. We are aware of the emotions and we know how to control them. We value diversity and teamwork. 

Social responsibility

We are responsible towards the environment, our decisions do not have a negative impact on the environment. We are aware that we are part of an integrated system and we behave in accordance with the principles of that system.

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