Fundación Biosfera


The Biosphere Foundation was created in spring 1991 in the city of La Plata.

It is a Non Governmental Organization-NGO-profit, which aims to "promote, participate in or conduct studies of education, research and development related to environmental issues, natural resources, ecological balance, natural and urban ecosystems, pollution, environmental impact and environmental legislation on a regional, national and international projection and towards an awareness of a global ecosystem. "

It is composed of people concerned about the environmental deterioration and have the firm conviction that each of us is the answer to reverse this situation and strive for a better quality of life.

We are a team made ​​up of citizens who share our goals and specialists in various fields of science, ecologists, botanists, zoologists, geologists, chemical engineers, civil, agronomists and foresters, architects, sociologists, social workers, accountants, doctors, lawyers and journalists. This inclusive concept is consistent with our attitude to the environment, which we believe must be addressed in an interdisciplinary way, not to be its exclusive responsibility of any science and since in it are the different disciplines involved.

We advocate a sustainable development , ie, point and lay the groundwork for a better quality of life, without over-exploiting natural resources or extinguish to meet the needs of present generations, not compromising the ability of future generations.

Contact Information: 
Calle 16 No. 1611
B1904CUI La Plata