FRDP Pakistan

Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) non-profit ,non political, non-religious and non-government organization struggling to provide a peaceful environment to all human beings where they can utilize their potentials for sustainable development. It involves general public, organizations and individuals and operates without discrimination on the basis of religion, race, color, nationality and ethnicity. The organization has two main sections, which works in close coordination for sustainable development, FRDP registered under the societies Act XXI of 1860, working in the rural areas of District Dadu & Jamshoro of Sindh, Pakistan. 

Fast Rural Development has wide range of projects, in order to improve and develop the society with its Motto, "LIFE & KNOWLEDGE" Life for healthy Society and "KNOWLEDGE" for qualify educated society and enhance other planning to repudiated the curse of society .The vision is to realize individuals, groups ,institutions and media to ensure their financial moral support for the improvement of Education Health sector, Human Rights , Capacity Building

Contact Information: 
House No. B-67, Nasim Nagar