Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung / German NGO Forum on Environment and Development

The German Forum on Envrionment & Development was founded on December 12th 1992 after the UN conference on Environment and Development (“Rio“). Its purpose is to coordinate German NGOs in international political processes on sustainable development.

The NGO Forum on Environment and Development maintains contacts with organizations from developing countries and organizes with international organizations for joint actions. It supervises the international work that continues to run at UN level after on environment and development.

One of its main purposes is to make the German public aware of the connection between environment and development and to insist on a change of the current wasteful economy and lifestyle of industrial countries since they deprive millions of people, especially in southern countries, of the basis of their existence.

The Forum’s Steering Committee represents the involved environmental and developmental organizations and politically leads the Forum. The directors represent their attitudes and demands towards governmental institutions and the public.

The Forum is funded by the Federal Environment Ministry. Legal entity is the German League for Nature and Environment (DNR).

Contact Information: 
Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung
Marienstraße 19-20
10117 Berlin