Environment Victoria

Who we are

We're the peak non-government environment group in Victoria, and we are Green Action personified. 

We’re from all over the state. Some of us are “in” because we saw a problem we thought we could help solve. Some of us were individual activists who thought we could accomplish bigger things by working together. Some were invited because they have a skill, knowledge, or experience the organisation needs to achieve its objectives. Some of us were just looking for a meaningful job.

And you, well, you’re a part of us too.

Regardless of why we’re in, we are all Victorians who want good things for our state. We believe safeguarding our environment will create jobs. Feed the economy. Sustain our natural resources. Save us money. And ensure a lush, healthy environment for generations to come.

We’re bound together by our values.

These are our common beliefs, the things that keep us focused on the end goal even when the going gets tough. They’re clean, simple ideas with the power to accomplish great things. Put simply, our values are courage, respect, fairness and inclusivity.

What we do

Environment Victoria mobilises people to safeguard our environment.

We collect information from the scientific community. We develop positions on the issues. And tell people about them. We get people talking. We organise events and hold summits to plan for the future.

We help our leaders make informed policy decisions. We convince them to do something. Or convince them to not do something. We try to change the system for the better.

We help you LEARN. Empower you to ACT. Invite you to SHARE. And encourage you to GIVE. At Environment Victoria, we work hard every day to:
-Inspire everyone to live within the limits of nature.
-Amplify our community's voice on environmental issues.
everyone's right to participate in environmental decisions.
-Develop green action solutions that average citizens can act upon.
Contact Information: 
PO Box 12575 A'Beckett Street,
Vic 8006 Melbourne