NGO “Ecoproject” is a non-governmental organization of scientific experts, managers and public supporting sustainable development and stakeholder participation in Belarus. Areas of interests and actions of the Ecoproject include sustainable urban/rural development, environmental education (school, high education, adults), water and biodiversity governance, energy efficiency and others. Ecoproject is a National Focal Point for CEEweb for Biodiversity, a NGO network in the Central and Eastern Europe promoting biodiversity conservation through sustainable development,  a member of the Climate Action Network – international association of NGO for climate actions.

The current activities of Ecoproject include: training course for schoolchildren in Mahilioŭ “COOL Hours. How to live sustainable” focusing on healthy life style, waste recycling, pollution in the city, social development and justice, local geography, traditions and handicrafts; EC TEMPUS “Environmental Governance for Environmental Curricula (EnGo)” analysing improvement of the university education for environmental professionals; EU-funded “Support to emerging multi-level governance in Belarus: Capacity building for sustainable housing” supporting development of sustainable strategies with focus on aspects of energy efficiency in housing sector for small Belarusian towns (Baran, Zheludok, Lida and Chaussy); international RESET project on urban sustainability, public participation and urban horticulture.

NGO “Ecoproject” is officially registered in 2000, includes 3 member of (part-time) administrative staff, 43 registered members and volunteers participating in the projects. 

Contact Information: 
Papernyansky peasant council in
Vishnevka Street Eastern, 8