Ecology Ottawa

Ecology Ottawa is not-for-profit, grassroots and volunteer-driven

What We Do

We work to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada.

How We Do It

We watch what city hall is doing: We celebrate the environmentally responsible decisions and actions; webring to light the things that hurt our environment; and we advocate to our politicians at all levels of government.

We work with individual people: In neighbourhoods all across Ottawa we work with people one on one so that we know, and they know, and their neighbours know, what the local environmental issues are; and more importantly what can be done about them.

We work with partners: Supportive City Councillors, MPs and MPPs; local businesses; community associations; industry and professional associations; cultural groups; and citizens groups are among those that Ecology Ottawa reaches out to and works with on our common environmental goals.


  • Ecology Ottawa was instrumental in re-engaging the City of Ottawa in climate change planning beginning with the March 2013 GHG Roundtable.
  • Ecology Ottawa has been a prime mover in gaining commitment from Ontario and the federal government to fund the Ottawa River Action Plan to stop raw sewage being dumped into the Ottawa River
Contact Information: 
1 Nicholas Street Suite 430
K1N 7B7 Ottawa , ON
Ontario CA