Eco Club Lore (ECL) Экологический клуб Лоре

Mission “We turn ideas into actions for the ecological harmony, health and prosperity of people and the future generations”.

Founded in January 1999, with limited permanent staffing but continuous volunteer support Lore E.C has a fruitful 14 years experience of implementing effective projects in environmental and health issues. As a result of our work we could gain an important asset - Lore E.C. and its staff are well known and respected by the local community and this fact puts great share during effective implementation of projects.

During almost a 14 we have implmented a number of projects aimed at environmenal conservation, better management of water and natural resources, ecological educational projects aimed at raising environmental awareness and responciviness of local population, various projects dealing with health and hygiene, projects with pilot aplication of best practices in ecological management, protection of woodlands and projects in low income comunities aiming at alleviation of extreme poverty and reaching environmental sustainability.  

Contact Information: 
62 Kamo St, Stepanavan, 1905