Corporate Accountability International

  • We protect human rights, public health, and the environment from corporate abuse around the world.
  • Company Overview
    Since 1977, Corporate Accountability International (formerly Infact) has waged -- and won -- campaigns that challenge irresponsible and dangerous actions by corporate giants.  

    From bringing about significant reforms in the life-threatening marketing of infant formula in economically poor countries to pushing G.E. out of nuclear weapons-making to being a major contributing factor in the adoption of the world's first corporate accountability treaty, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, our work has influenced the way corporations are held accountable for the last 30 years.

    Today our mission is more urgent than ever. Corporate Accountability International is challenging global food corporations as people around the world face sickness, hunger and malnutrition. And we're confronting corporations like Coca-Cola, Veolia, and Suez for their aggressive attempts to turn water from a basic human right into an unaffordable luxury contributing to a crisis that could leave two-thirds of the world's population without enough access to water. We're working on other campaigns, as well, including continuing to take on the tobacco industry around the world.

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