CMW - Carbon Market Watch / Centre of Development and Environment

Our Mission

Carbon Market Watch’s mission is to help ensure that climate policies such as carbon pricing and climate finance effectively contribute to the just transition towards climate friendly societies. We promote environmental integrity, transparency, and good governance in policy solutions that reduce emissions and further sustainable development.

Our Approach

Evidence-based advocacy is central to our work. Our strength is the unique combination of in-depth policy expertise, strong communication skills and close work with community groups in over 60 countries across the world.

Our Goals

We work at the global, European, national as well as local levels in numerous countries. Our key campaign goals are:

  1. An ambitious mid-century decarbonisation strategy for Europe
  2. A fair carbon price that reflects the true cost of pollution on society
  3. Decarbonisation of Europe’s power and industry sectors by 2050
  4. Rapid and ambitious climate action to tackle international transport emissions
  5. Quality assurance of international climate finance

Our Network

We believe in bottom-up advocacy. Since 2009, we have established a global network, which connects over 600 NGOs and academics in over 60 countries, operating in English, French, and Spanish. We have established strong partnerships inter alia through regional capacity-building workshops in South and East Europe as well as most major regions across the globe, including China, India, West Africa, South and Central America.

Contact Information: 
Carbon Market Watch
Rue d’Albanie 117
B-1060 Brussels