Climate Action Moreland (CAM)

About us:

We’re a group of people living in the Moreland area who are working locally to take action on climate change. Our members have come together out of concern about the lack of meaningful political action on climate change, and a recognition that we need to take responsibility for our future. We believe that we need a rapid transition to a zero carbon society to prevent severe climate change that will have a devastating effect on our lives and those of future generations. Current scientific evidence indicates that to avoid this we need to stabilise atmospheric carbon at 300 parts per million, which is below the amount of carbon we currently have in the atmosphere. To achieve this we need to transition our energy supply to 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Our objectives:

  • To put pressure on political leaders to take serious action on climate change via activities such as protests, attending rallies and engaging in discussion with local politicians, and to show that there is a strong community support for serious action
  • To provide a focus and outlet for residents wanting to take action
  • To provide community education and awareness on climate change and what we can do about it on individual, local and national levels
  • To create networks with other community-based organisations as part of a broader, more coordinated environmental movement


Contact Information: