Clean Energy Action

Clean Energy Action… Accelerating the transition to a post-fossil-fuel world built on clean energy
by educating citizens on the impacts of fossil fuel use and on clean energy options
…by supporting data-driven, informed action in coal-reliant states
…by conducting and disseminating research on coal supplies and utilities
…by envisioning the integrated renewable energy future

Clean Energy Action is based in Boulder, Colorado and works at the local, state and national level to accelerate the transition to the post-fossil fuel world based on clean energy.

CEA aims to achieve its goals through “Citizen Power by inspiring, training,and empowering citizens to advocate for decreased reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear power, and through increased reliance on clean energy such as energy efficiency and renewable power.

CEA was co-founded in 2005 in opposition to the construction of Colorado’s newest coal plant, “Comanche 3″ in Pueblo, Colorado by Alison Burchell, Dan Friedlander and Leslie Glustrom, who are winners of numerous awards for protection of the environment.  Since then CEA has cultivated a team of empowered citizens from many walks of life to challenge continued reliance on coal-based energy by stressing data-driven research, coalition building, and a  focus on positive solutions.

Contact Information: 
PO Box 1399
80306 Boulder , CO
United States
Colorado US