China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN)


We are the first Chinese non-profit organization for youth action in the field of climate change. Our organization was jointly established by seven outstanding youth organizations in August 2007, combining their respective resources and strengths.

  • Our mission is to coordinate and provide services for organizations interested in promoting youth participation in civil society. Building on our domestic and international contacts we want to build a sustainable low carbon future. We want to inspire and guide young people to grasp the opportunities in China and tackle the challenges of climate change and the transition to a sustainable energy future. We support Chinese youth to become a new driving force to achieve global sustainable development.
  • Our focus: 1. We carry out extensive publicity work to raise public awareness on climate change and transition to sustainable energy through joint action and cooperation of Chinese and international youth groups; 2. We support and promote public participation and government action to respond to global climate change and energy issues; 3. We support the engagement of China's youth with the international community. More than 300 colleges and universities have participated in activities organized or sponsored by CYCAN. More than one million students or people were directly involved and indirectly influenced by our actions. CYCAN action has given strong encouragement to young people to better understand climate change and actively participate in addressing it. CYCAN provides a platform for aspiring young people for personal development and to explore new opportunities.
Contact Information: 
Room 1221, Unit 4, Building 4, Dahezhuangyuan, No.3 Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing