Center for Development and Peace (CDP)

Bangladesh is a country of beauty, culture, and history. This wonderfully vibrant nation is stricken with a multitude of problems associated with environment, poverty, health, and equality. The Center for Development and Peace (CDP) is a non-governmental organization aimed at empowering the poor and vulnerable in this country through education, health support, and community development.


CDP was founded in 1998 with the goal of empowering the most vulnerable and at-risk woman and children of the Meherpur region. Women are very neglected in Bengali society and face oppression both in the home and the work place. The most vulnerable are the widowed, divorced, or poor; who are dependent on society and viewed as a burden. Many of these women face a difficult future in poverty and are at risk of life threatening disease, physical abuse, and forced abduction into life as a sex worker. To avoid these terrible ends; CDP initiated programs focused on environmental sustainability, human rights, vocational training, community health, and disease prevention to help these woman become independent, healthy, educated, and active members of society.

Contact Information: 
Circuit House Road, Polash Villa ( 1 Floor ) 7100 Meherpur