Carboun: Middle East Sustainable Cities

Carboun is an advocacy initiative promoting sustainable cities in the Middle East. Focusing on the built environment and urban systems, Carboun advocates a sustainable approach for the development of the region’s cities, balancing economic development, quality of urban life, future resilience, and reduced impact on energy, water, resources, and urban environment.

Carboun’s geographical scope focuses on the economic, environmental, and developmental conditions predominant in the Arab countries of the wider Middle East, including The Gulf, The Levant, and North Africa. The initiative’s name, Carboun, is a transliteration of the Arabic pronunciation of the element Carbon, the most elemental constituent of life, the source of our energy, and more recently, the main driving factor behind our planet’s climate change.

Carboun’s website provides an online journal for sharing information relating to sustainability in the Middle East cities covering energy use, water use, sustainable design and urbanism, transportation, emissions, climate change resilience, material resources, waste, and urban environment.

The Carboun initiative is engaged in a number of regional projects relating to sustainability in Middle Eastern cities. The initiative’s current projects cover energy use in buildings, carbon emissions, and impact of climate change on the region. Carboun is also engaged  in a number of national-level projects.

Carboun is a member organization in Climate Action Network International (CAN International).

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