Association of Voluntary Actions for Society

Though, initially AVAS was set up to ensure Women’s right & Leadership, at present the organization is conducting the activities like Safe Water Supply & Sanitation, Preserving Rights for Women & Children, Legal Aid Support and Education, Literacy Education for the Underprivileged, Reproductive Health Education for Adolescents, HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention, Preserving Civic, Human & Child Rights, Combating Violence Against Women & Children, Strengthening Local Government Institutions etc. At present AVAS is being counted as the reputed, accountable and sincere organization in Barisal region. The organization has its Branch Offices in all the districts of Barisal division including the remote and char areas. The organization is equipped with capable, skilled and committed manpower, adequate facilities & materials, modern information technology system.

AVAS believes in addressing integrated approach to develop the community people internally and externally. Therefore, the organization is concentrating on 05 major activities like Poverty Elimination, Legal Aid Education & Supports, Primary Health Care & Health Education, Basic Literacy & finally Environment Preservation. We strongly believe that if these major demands of the community people can be met up in an integrated way, their lifestyle will certainly turn towards positive and  only a positive lifestyle guarantees the ultimate development of individual, society as well as the community.

Contact Information: 
Amir Kutir Lane Alekanda
8200 Barisal