2Celsius is a young European environmental organization registered in Romania. 2Celsius is acting on two geographical patterns: 2Celsius Network and 2Celsius Association. 2Celsius Association is focused on local issues, that entangle non–formal environmental education, climate change policies, sustainable development in an ecological perspective and trainings for young people in Romania. 2Celsius Network opens the way for a region-wide extended environmental media portaldedicated to the green economy and to containing climate change effects in Central and Eastern Europe. The platform is especially dedicated to Central and Eastern Europe`s green businesses and, equally, to the advance of the green collar economy.

There are 2 permanent staff members of 2Celsius Association in Romania, while 2Celsius Network connects around 10 young environmental journalists and activists from East and Central Europe who contribute to the media platform and support 2Celsius environmental educational activities.

Additionally to its main environmental and development focus, 2Celsius is committed to democratization in the European East. The Association acts locally via its educational programmes entailing ecology and civic participation.

Since its inception in 2010, 2Celsius Association has become a partner of the prestigious Earth Day Network in Washington, D.C., a member of Climate Action Network Romania, and European Journalism Centre in Maastricht. From this position, 2Celsius is carrying out trainings for young journalists on environmental journalism and climate change. In 2015, 2Celsius has become a member of the Federation for Transport and Environment. In this capacity, it is carrying out lobby and advocacy projects for the reduction of carbon emissions in the transport sector.

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2Celsius Network
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