Leila Yassine - Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

Leila holds a master degree in Western Literature and Culture and is now based in Leuven, Belgium. She has been working in the education field for the past 12 years as a teacher in different countries and educational systems. She was also an activist with Greenpeace Lebanon for several years, mainly focusing on environmental issues in North Lebanon, like the waste treatment and pollution of the coast.   

Leila has a genuine interest in human rights matters with a focus on Women’s rights across the Middle East. Since 2014, she has been part of a pedagogical team in a local Belgian organization focusing on the Palestinian issue in schools. This includes creating a toolkit that can be used by teachers as well as taking part in lectures in auditorium or in classrooms.

She is very excited about joining the CAN team as she believes that there is still a lot to be done in order to improve our world for the future generations.