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Civil society groups set expectation for COP23: Countries must move fast to close the emissions gap and address escalating impacts

CAN welcomes the opening of COP23, hosted for the first time by a small island state. Fiji was a champion in setting the target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius, and will be calling on the entire international community to step up its game to achieve this.

“This year, at the Pacific COP, we hope to highlight the urgency of taking action. We must keep fossil fuels in the ground and move towards a safe and just transition to renewable energy. We must limit warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. It is a matter of survival for many vulnerable nations around the world.

G20 Summit: A strong show of support for climate from G19 but words must translate into action

Trump isolated as world leaders reaffirm commitments to tackle dangerous climate change

8 July 2017, Hamburg: Climate Action Network welcomes the G20 summit’s commitment to strengthen climate action. This is the first time a G20 Summit has produced a detailed Climate and Energy Action Plan outlining a to-do list to jointly tackle climate change. All countries, save one, recognise that this is about protecting people’s health, safeguarding ecosystems, promoting economic prosperity and global stability.

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A new approach to climate narratives research in the Global South: findings from pilot project in India

Renewables are the clean energy source that will free us and our children from disease and dependence on imports. Relying on the abundance of nature, renewables draw energy from the sun, water and the
wind to provide us and our children health, self-reliance, prosperity and modernity while restoring harmony and natural balance.
This is how one of the solutions to climate change can be effectively communicated in India and possibly similar countries. This was revealed in ground-breaking research conducted in India to test language and
messages on climate change.

Civil society strongly condemns Trump's decision to withdraw US from the Paris Agreement

1 June 2017:  The decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement signals that the Trump Administration is in total discord with both reality and the rest of the world.
The Agreement, ratified by 147 out of the 197 signatory countries, entered into force in 2016 with unprecedented speed, demonstrating that countries are determined to move forward with climate action.

Bonn climate talks: Countries come together to make progress even as US position on Paris Agreement remains ambiguous

Negotiators worked through details of the rulebook, an operational blueprint that will ensure the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement


Trump signs orders reversing climate policies- harming jobs, health and the economy

28 March 2017: The world stood in shock as President Trump signed executive orders rolling back the Clean Power Plan and promoting outdated fossil fuels. While more than 190 countries are moving forward, as they agreed in Paris, towards a clean energy future, President Trump is taking America backwards by signing executive orders that will revive the dirty coal industry which has been lagging since 2010. Grassroots movements and market forces have unleashed a clean energy revolution making it the cheaper, healthier option with the promise to generate the jobs of the future.