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Oxfam: UN report shows climate funds can be raised without costing the taxpayer

A new report from the UN’s High-level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing (AGF) shows that raising the public money to help poor countries protect themselves from climate change is possible without costing the taxpayer, Oxfam told the UK government today.

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UN Advisory Group on Climate Finance Report Falls Flat

Recommendations Downplay Role of Public Finance, Rely Too Much on Private Finance

A new report on climate change financing options released today by a U.N. Advisory Group unwisely emphasizes carbon markets and other private finance options, while irresponsibly advocating an increased role for multilateral development banks (MDBs). Despite concluding that public sources of climate finance are available and promising, the report’s findings downplay the role that public finance can and must play in helping developing countries deal with climate change.


Greenpeace: UN climate finance report wipes out developed country excuses to delay action

New York – 4 November 2010—Responding to the publication of the report of the UN Secretary General’s High Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Finance (AGF), Steve Herz of Greenpeace International said: “Developed countries now have no excuse to delay meeting their promise to raise $100bn a year by 2020 to support climate action in the developing world.


WWF: Climate money can be generated, political will needs to come from Cancun

New York, USA:  A high level analysis of climate finance submitted to the UN today has demonstrated the feasibility of putting up by 2020 US$100 billion a year in public funding to fight climate change.

According to WWF, this conservative analysis by the special High-level Advisory Group on Climate Change Finance (AGF) sets the stage for a finance agreement to come out of the UN climate summit starting late this month in Cancun, Mexico.

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Building Blocks for a Cancún Package: Presentation by CAN International

Media Advisory
October 6, 2010
Building Blocks for a Cancún Package
Presentation by CAN International
[Tianjin, China] CAN International will propose and detail a package of achievable
and fair decisions for countries to adopt at the upcoming UNFCCC talks in Cancún,
Mexico, on Wednesday, October 6, 18:00 – 19:30, in room Yinchuan, Meijing
Conference Centre, Tianjin, China.
Parties to the talks currently underway in Tianjin, China, are increasingly calling
for adoption of a “balanced package” in Cancún.  The Building Blocks proposal
by CAN International details the components that could plug into such a feasible

Tianjin Climate Talks Webcast Briefing: Assessing the Kick-off to negotiations

Media Advisory

Tianjin Climate Talks Webcast Briefing
Assessing the Kick-off to negotiations

[Tianjin, China] An on-demand webcast is now available streaming this afternoon’s press briefing at the UNFCCC session in Tianjin, hosted by CAN International, assessing prospects for the Tianjin talks.


Angela Anderson – U.S. Climate Action Network
Assessing the big picture and the role of the U.S. in the talks

Ailun Yang – Greenpeace China
Discussing the role of China in the negotiations

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Kick-off Briefing on Tianjin Climate Talks

Media/Webcast Advisory
Monday, October 4, 2010

Kick-off Briefing on Tianjin Climate Talks
Previewing the UNFCCC Negotiations

[Tianjin, China] Climate Action Network will host a briefing to preview the UNFCCC climate negotiations in Tianjin, China, on Monday, October 4, 14:30. Panelists will assess the state of negotiations, expectations for Tianjin and the road to Cancun.

NGO experts on the panel include Angela Anderson, U.S. Climate Action Network; Ailun Yang, Greenpeace China; and Raman Mehta, Action Aid India.


Humboldt Center hosts CAN-Latin America workshop and General Assembly

23 September 2010

Managua, Nicaragua - Centro Humboldt, in coordination with CAN Latin America and Suswatch, is hosting a capacity building and experience sharing from 23 - 24 September in Managua.  Participants from the majority of countries in Latin America are gathered in Managua to prepare for COP16, which will be held in Mexico in December, and for joint advocacy efforts in the Latin America region throughout the coming years.

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CAN co-hosts preparatory meeting in Mexico for COP16 with Southern Partners

7 September 2010

Mexico CIty, Mexico -- The Climate Action Network - International is hosting a workshop in collaboration with Greenpeace, WWF - International and Presencia Ciudadana, with over 40 Southern CAN members and partners from over 20 developing countries from 7 September through 10 September.

This workshop is serving as a preparatory session for participants to share insights, information, and collective strategies towards the COP16 negotiations later in the year to be held in Cancun.  


MEDIA ADVISORY: CAN International press briefing in Bonn, 6 August 2010

[Bonn, Germany] THE CAN INTERNATIONAL PRESS BRIEFING WILL TAKE PLACE TODAY AT 14h30 CET. (Immediately following the EU's closing press conference.)

**Please note that this time represents a correction from what is shown in the Press Briefing Schedule and Daily Schedule on the UNFCCC website**

You can view the press briefing live by following this link: