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Negotiations Assessment: Cancun Climate Talks

Midpoint media briefing 

[Cancún, Mexico] Climate Action Network will host a media briefing to assess progress at the midpoint of the UNFCCC climate negotiations underway in Cancún, Mexico, on Monday, December 6, at 10:00 AM local (16:00 GMT), Room Luna of the Azteca building in the Moon Palace.

NGO experts on the panel include Wendel Trio, Greenpeace International; Tim Gore, Oxfam International; and Tara Rao, WWF International.

Panelists will assess the progress of negotiations over the first week of the talks, evaluate the new negotiation texts released by negotiators over the weekend and set out benchmarks for measuring progress over the final week.

What: Midpoint briefing on the UNFCCC climate negotiations in Cancún

Where: UNFCCC Press Conference Room Luna,Moon Palace, Cancún

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When: 10:00 AM local (17:00 GMT), Monday, December 6, 2010

Who: NGO experts on UNFCCC negotiations

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