Kick-off Briefing on Tianjin Climate Talks

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Kick-off Briefing on Tianjin Climate Talks
Previewing the UNFCCC Negotiations

[Tianjin, China] Climate Action Network will host a briefing to preview the UNFCCC climate negotiations in Tianjin, China, on Monday, October 4, 14:30. Panelists will assess the state of negotiations, expectations for Tianjin and the road to Cancun.

NGO experts on the panel include Angela Anderson, U.S. Climate Action Network; Ailun Yang, Greenpeace China; and Raman Mehta, Action Aid India.

What: Preview of the UNFCCC climate negotiations kicking-off in Tianjin

Where: UNFCC Press Conference Room, Meijing Conference Centre, Tianjin. Also webcast live at

When: 14:30, Monday, October 4, 2010

Who: NGO experts on UNFCCC negotiations

NOTE: A Chinese language briefing will also be held in the same venue at 15:30.

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