CAN International - Media Advisory/Webcast Notice - December 8th

Negotiations Briefing Update: Cancún Climate Talks

[Cancún, Mexico] Climate Action Network will host a media briefing to assess progress in the UNFCCC climate negotiations underway in Cancún, Mexico, on Wednesday, December 8, at 11:00 AM local (17:00 GMT), in Room Luna of the Azteca building of the Moon Palace.
NGO experts on the panel will include Tara Rao, WWF International; David Waskow, Oxfam America; and Aida Vila Rovira, Greenpeace Spain.
What: Briefing update on the UNFCCC climate negotiations in Cancún
Where: UNFCCC Press Conference Room Luna,Moon Palace, Cancún
Webcast Live:    (
When: 11:00 AM local (17:00 GMT), Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who: NGO experts on UNFCCC negotiations

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