International Transport and the Paris Agreement

November 2017

Moderated by Kelsey Perlman, Carbon Market Watch

  • Introduction to CAN International Recommendations
  • Percentage of the carbon budget: Growth of shipping and aviation - Andrew Murphy, Transport and Environment. 3:58 mins
  • Introduction of international transport emissions: Ties to the UNFCCC and diffculties of regulation of ICAO / IMO - Beatriz Martinez Romera - University of Copenhagen. 16:32 mins, and at 38:25 mins
  • The Facilitative Dialogue and Global Stocktake: The importance of IMO and ICAO as non-state actors - Mark Lutes, WWF. 22:20 mins
  • The Transparency Framework: Reporting of bunker fuels and future outlooks - Stelios Pesmajoglou, GHG Management Institute. 44:41mins
  • Carbon markets and double counting: Rules needed for trading outside of NDC's - Aki Kachi, Carbon Market Watch 1:11:08 mins
  • Question and answer session. 1:24:31 mins

International Transport and the Paris Agreement Webinar video

CAN Annual Policy Document: Pacific COP - Solidarity and Action to Realize the Promise of Paris