IFIs-Decarbonize Task Force

CAN's priority focus on Shifting Financial Flows of Public Finance Institutions (PFIs) by 2020 to align with Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030 goals is being coordinated in the working group 'IFIs-Decarbonize'. The group engages with MDBs, ECAs, other DFIs as well as their shareholder governemnts to support with fresh narratives and perspectives to accelerate the energy and infratsructure transition. The group also aims to support stakeholders in countries to campaign their governments and IFIs to realise the real economy benefits from ealry and ambitious climate action and, thus, urge them to fulfill their mandate as development entities established to secure a healthy future for all peoples and species.

Contact Anoop Poonia at apoonia@climatenetwork.org for details and membership to the working group.

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