Nairobi ECO Issue 2


  AYICC: Birth of a New Voice for Africa
The cheers echoed loudly throughout the halls of Nairobi’s 680 Hotel, witnessing the birth of an exceptional new network in the global fight against the climate crisis – the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC). This past weekend, over 100 youth from across Africa and from around the world united at the Second International Conference of Youth to articulate a uniquely African perspective on solutions and responses to climate change and sustainable development.
Meanwhile, back on planet quacko...
  The Land Downunder: Is Everything Upside Down?
The sun and drought downunder may have led to some sunstroke inspired confusion. Firstly, Prime Minister Howard, and Environment Minister Campbell are claiming that they intend to meet Australia’s Kyoto Protocol targets. Yet they state that ratifying the Kyoto Protocol would seriously damage Australia’s economy. How are these two things possible at the same time?
  Walks Against Warming
The response to the November 4th Day of Action on Climate Change last Saturday was fantastic. Synchronised throughout the world, tens of thousands of members of the public took to the streets to symbolise global solidarity on climate change.
Walks Against Warming photo