CAN 25th Anniversary Celebration

Monday, June 16, 2014
Bonn, Germany
Please join us to strategize on climate action and to celebrate 25 years of the Climate Action Network fighting for the climate on June 16, 2014 in Bonn, Germany.

After the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009, the climate movement lost momentum, and until now it has not regained that lost ground. But now, signs of a new uprising of the movement are taking shape. After several years of reflection and reassessment, civil society and other stakeholders have started to raise urgency around climate change again, bringing new energy and a different rhetoric to the climate debate.

Over the past two years, CAN members worked together to identify a 2013-2015 strategic plan which extends beyond working effectively within the UNFCCC towards shaping regional and national policy through CAN’s coordinated political efforts. The CAN 2013-2015 strategy includes 3 main elements:

First, we are working towards a good climate deal in 2015 in both, the UNFCCC and post-2015 processes. Second, we are pushing  the shift to low carbon development by conducting national campaigns to phase out fossil fuels and move towards 100% renewable energy. Third, we are building global, national and local momentum for action on climate change through strengthening the climate movement and increasing citizens’ voices calling for urgent action on climate change.

After agreeing on these new strategies, CAN has gone through a restructuring process in order to implement these new directions. The restructuring has been finalized, and the new directions have started to be implemented.

Now that we are in the middle of the 2013-2015 period, it is necessary to reassess the state of the climate movement in order to sharpen CAN’s new directions. Therefore, on the occasion of CAN’s 25th anniversary, the Network is organizing an event in Bonn, Germany, on June 16th, to discuss the state of the climate movement, and develop innovative ideas to further strengthen CAN’s new directions.

June 16 Agenda
Wissenschaftszentrum (Science Center) Bonn: Ahrstraße 45 
13:00-13:30      Registration
13:30-14:00      Welcome and Opening Panel
14:00-14:30      Presentation in plenary: CAN’s new directions 
14:30-15:30      Thematic Roundtable discussions and feedback (Roundtables: International politics and policy coordination of civil society, global campaign coordination on RE and EE, movement building)
15:45-16:00      Presentation in plenary: state of the climate movement
16:00-17:00      Thematic Roundtable discussions and feedback (Roundtables: state of the movement)
17:00-17:30      Review of work, path forward, next steps

Old Town Hall: Market Square
18:00-21:00      Reception

Nachtcafe Nanay: Rheingasse 14
21:00-03:00      Party


Event Details
Participants will include representatives from governments, UN agencies, executives from NGOs/networks, representatives from other related movements, academics, and civil society and climate experts.

The main issues that will be addressed during the roundtable discussions include:

  • The different roles NGOs play in the climate movement and how to effectively coordinate among them (policy experts, grassroots, campaigning organizations, etc.)
  • Key strategies/initiatives that NGOs can employ in 2014 and 2015 to achieve a strong climate deal in both the UNFCCC and post-2015 processes
  • Various key thematic topics in relation to catalyzing the shift towards low-carbon development.

Outcomes from the discussions will be used by CAN to further refine and implement its strategy for helping to prevent dangerous climate change and also, we hope, in your work.

A reception will be held in the early evening in Bonn’s historic old town hall with refreshments, presentations and socializing, all to celebrate CAN’s 25 years of fighting for the climate as one network. Following the reception, a party will continue into the night at a nearby nightclub.

Register to participate:

Confirmations will be issued on a rolling basis. Further logistical and detailed participation notes and agendas will be circulated to those whose registration is confirmed, closer to the meeting date.

Please join us to strategize on climate action and to celebrate 25 years of the Climate Action Network fighting for the climate on June 16, 2014 in Bonn, Germany.

Download our CAN members logo and display on your organization's website this year to celebrate CAN's 25 years of fighting for the climate and your organization's committment to being part of the Climate Action Network.

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