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“CAN Collectibles”: South Africa

We Put the “fun” in “Mitigashun”!

Fast Facts About Countries That Can Increase Their Ambition in Qatar!

Bonus Double Saturday Edition!

National term of greeting:

Howzit? / Heyta!

Annual alcohol consumption:

>200 litres per person per year (beer equivalent)

Annual cheese consumption:

We prefer meat.

Best things about South Africa:

Sun, surf, sand (take that, Australia!). Lots of unspoilt open spaces.

Worst things about South Africa:

Our soccer team. Lots of unspoilt open spaces targeted for fracking.

Things you didn't know:

South Africa has 3 capitals separated by as much as 1600 km.

Existing action on the table:

Peak national emissions between 2020 and 2025, plateau for up to a decade and then decline. Bring emissions below business-as-usual trajectory by 34% by 2020 and 42% by 2025, conditional on receipt of adequate support. 9% of SA’s electricity supply from new renewables (excluding hydro) by 2030.

Additional actions South Africa should agree to as its 2020 contribution, at a minimum:

Peak emissions by 2020 and as far as possible below 550 Mt/annum. Achieve 15% of electricity from new renewable energy technologies by 2020. Adopt a process, with timeline, to establish a national carbon budget, or at least sectoral budgets covering at least 80% of national emissions, by mid-October 2013. Deploy over 25 million m2 of solar water heating collection. Enforce comprehensive energy efficiency labelling regulations.

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Wael Hmaidan at the NAMA Workshop

CAN delivered a presentation to further the understanding of the diversity of nationally appropriate mitigation actions by developing country Parties, underlying assumptions, and any support needed for implementation of these actions.

“CAN Collectibles”: France

Double Your Pleasure, Halve Your Pollution!

Fast Facts About Countries That Can Increase Their Ambition in Qatar!

Bonus Double Saturday Edition!


National term of endearment/greeting: Garçon! (only for use in oldstyle cafés, in Paris, by innocent foreigners)
Annual wine consumption: 54 litres/person/year (decreasing due to Frech winery climate change impacts)
Annual cheese consumption: 24 kgs/person/year (increasing to make up for decreased wine drinking)
Best things about France: The wine and the cheese (see above). Beaches in Brittany up north now that one can enjoy warm and sunny summers there (see: global warming).
Worst things about France: Dangerous addiction to nuclear energy. Unemployment due to lack of green jobs (see: dangerous addiction to nuclear energy).
Things you didn't know: Frog legs taste just like chicken.
Existing unconditional pledge on the table: The EU's 20% below 1990 levels by 2020.
Existing conditional pledge (upper end): The EU's 30% below 1990 levels by 2020.
Next step to increase ambition by COP18: This year: a KP QELRO consistent with cuts of at least 30% below 1990 levels by 2020. And a commitment to work in the ADP process to raise ambition to 40% below 1990 levels by 2020.
Rationale: The EU, including France, is  close to reaching its 2020 target, a mere 8 years, too early. Moving to an interim 30% target this year would be honest, boost our economy, provide jobs and reduce health budgets. What else can a new President want?
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